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1) Self-reflect. What's the most important thing for you when you buy a product: price, quality or image?

2) You are going to read about how Harley-Davidson changed itself for the better. (

Total Quality Management (TQM)
Make everybody responsible for checking and measuring quality at every stage. In other words, build quality into the product, don't just test for defects.
Introduce 'quality circles' where staff at all levels work together to solve problems and make improvements.
Constantly look for ways to improve quality, improve production, and cut waste.
Aim for zero defects, not 'that's good enough'
Just in Time (JIT)
A production system where parts and components arrive just before they are needed. This cuts down on the need for shortage, provides more space on the factory floor, and reduces the amount of money that is tied up in keeping large amounts of stock.

3) Discuss. Talk about the products or brands that represent a sense of national identity in our country. What kind of relationship do they have with customers?


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